St. George's Episcopal Church

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About St. George’s


In response to God through Jesus Christ, St. George’s sustains a sanctuary of worship and a spiritual home in the Episcopal tradition.

We believe in guiding people on their journey in faith and in their relationship with Christ by and through worship. We offer the best of our hearts, hands, and minds in worshiping God in the beauty of holiness. We believe that transforming this world, so that it becomes the kingdom of heaven on earth, is best accomplished by people who are spiritually nourished in worship on Sundays and then sent forth to do God’s work during the week.



Vestry Persons

Penny Hardy
Bruce Mast
Mary McCrae


Joyce Johnson, Senior Warden
Scott Righini, Junior Warden
John Tomellini, Treasurer
Daniel Day, Clerk


Maija Birzulis, Parish Administrator
Ryan Bartosiewicz, Organist
Adriane Hoitt, Childcare Coordinator
Kenyon Schick, Sexton


The Rev. Michael Bradley, Rector
The Rev. T.J. Ballew, Deacon


Durham follows the pattern of most New England villages in that its first (and a continuing) faith presence is the Congregational Church, which has worshipped here since the town’s origin in the 17th century. Although Episcopalians began gathering for home worship in the 1880’s, it was not until 1948 that Biship John Dallas organized St. George’s Mission. The University of New Hampshire provided Ballard Hall for worship space while the congregation gathered resources for their own church. Land that had been the formal gardens for the Smith Estate (the mansion survives across the street from the church) was purchased, along with the gardener’s residence, now the rectory. Ground was broked in 1953 and the church was dedicated on September 26, 1954. Funds were provided by the congregation, the diocese and a generous grant from the United Thank Offering. Early clergy leadership included Clinton Morrill, Randall Giddings, Jonathan Mitchell, and Charles Web, along with the support of Bishops Dallas, Charles Hall, and Philip Smith. Albert Snow was vicar and, upon the mission attaining parish status, rector from 1959 to 1995. Thomas Vanderslice was interim rector until 1997 when Michael Bradley was called as second rector.